Hello Everyone,


Teddy has decided to share his fabulous texture paste recipes, we love playing with this stuff on canvas and on cards.


Before we bet onto the gooey stuff we will show you a canvas made with it (mixed with paint for colour of course).



And some cards too, I love playing with this stuff, and I love stencils too!!







Great effects with paint on the stamps too.


So now for the recipes :)

Rough Texture Paste

1/2 cup Baking Soda
2 Tablespoons white school glue or PVA
1-2 Tablespoons White Acrylic Paint
(some water may be necessary)
Instructions:  I took an air tight container and put in my baking soda.  I then added the glue, acrylic paint and started mixing.  I used a couple of disposable chopsticks to mix it up.  I just mixed to get a smooth consistency, I added a few drops of water to get it to the consistency I wanted.  There are many types of texture mediums in the store, from light to heavy, so the amount of water you add will depend on the heaviness of the texture you are looking for.  Done!

(The mixture keeps well in the air tight container……..some of the moisture float on top,  just give it a stir and it will be good to go!)

Smooth Texture Paste

1/4 cup Talcum Powder (I used Johnsons Baby Powder, Make it smell good too!!)
1 tablespoon White All purpose School Glue or PVA
1 tablespoon White Craft Paint
Some Water
Instructions: I began by mixing all the above ingredients with a bit of water until I had the consistency I was looking for.  I tested the texture by letting the medium drop from my stir stick.  If it flattened out quickly into the rest of the mixture, I added too much water.  I fixed this by adding more of the talcum powder until I felt the texture would hold nicely when applied to a mask.  Personally, I like the talcum powder version better than the baking soda!  Just use an old credit card or a pallet knife to apply the mixture to your mask or stencil….you’ll love the results!
So that’s it for Teddy this week, hope you like it ;)
Hugs :)



Hello Everyone,


Teddy has decided that we want to keep a record of all our information we have collected over the years, so he wants to do a Thursday Tip article each week (well we will see how long this lasts anyway).


Here he is on his first day at Big School this year, he is gorgeous isn’t he, and what a great helper he is to me as my creative director in the craft room!!






Ink & Stamp Pads are the rubber stamper’s palette. A wide array of colors and types are available.



Acid free, quick drying, fade resistant and smear proof when dry, dye ink is fabulous for general stamping. These inks will dry on regular paper or cardstock, vellum, glossy stock or metallic coated stock. Dye ink is a semi transparent ink and lighter colours will not ‘cover’ image beneath it.  It and is also great for colouring with Alcohol Markers.


Examples of Dye Inks are Clearsnap Vivid, Stampin Up Dye Inks, Adirondak Dye Inks, Ranger Distress Inks (slower to dry), Memento Dye Inks




Acid free, quick drying, fade resistant and smear prof when dry, permanent inks are great for general stamping.  These inks are great for scrapbooking and stamping onto photos as they are archival safe (always check the label). When stamping on photos, do not heat set, but allow ample drying time for the ink to cure and become permanent.  These inks can be used on glass, plastic, acrylic or metal quite successfully when heat set and then allowed to cure for several days. (On a glass surface these inks are semi-permanent, since they can be completely removed with alcohol.)


Permanent Dye Inks are Solvent based and are perfect for using for colouring images with water based pencils, paints, chalks, crayons and other watercolour mediums.


Examples of Permanent Dye Inks are StazOn, Memories, Ranger Archival



Known for their very bright and opaque colors, pigment ink is thicker and slower to dry, making it perfect for heat embossing. Pigment ink will dry on any surface that is not coated, since it requires absorption in to the surface for drying. Heat setting with your embossing heat tool will speed the drying time when you do not wish to emboss. When using pigment ink on coated stock such as metallic, matte or glossy, heat embossing is required, since the ink will not dry.

Examples of Pigment Inks are Colorbox, Ranger Adirondak Pigment, Versacolor




These pads are filled with clear, slightly (blue) tinted glycerin base or a slightly pink pigment base which are all forms of embossing fluid which is especially formulated for use with heat embossing powders.  The slight tint makes it easier to see where the image that has been stamped is.


Examples of Embossing Pads are Clearsnap Top Boss, Ranger Perfect Medium, Tsukineko Versamark



There are hybrid inks that take the best qualities of both die and pigment inks.

Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink  has the dense, matte lustre of chalk pastels in a fast drying archival ink.  So many beautiful muted chalk like colours that can be blended while still damp, or so very opaque for coverage when dry, they can be buffed to a shiny finish.  They are ideal for paper, foil, clay and many other surfaces, can be heat set to be permanent and waterproof.

Ranger Distress Ink has the slow drying and workability of a pigment ink as well as the lightness of a dye ink that it is. They stay wetter for longer allowing you to emboss, or to blend and shade like no other ink without getting lines from DTP techniques.  These inks ‘colour wick’, meanin they will spread when spritzed with water to achieve tone on tone effects.  The colours are extremely stable and will not bread down when wet or heated.  The colours are gorgeous.

Brilliance and Mica Magic ink pads have the opacity of pigment inks as they have added mica pigment to them, give a brilliant sheen while being very quick drying.  These are lovely to work with and create wonderful depth of colour and shimmer to any stamped image.




  • Store your stamp pads level and upside down. This prevents uneven ink distribution and keeps the surface fully inked.
  • To prevent your stamp pads from becoming muddy, clean your stamps when changing colors.
  • Solid color stamp pads in dark colors such as black, blue or dark purple work best for stamping images which you plan to color.
  • Only re-ink your pad with the same brand and the same color of ink with which it was filled when it was new.
  • If your stamp pad felt or foam comes adrift from the casing, it can be attached again with Super Glue.
  • With a little care and an ink refill, your stamp pads can last for many many years.  Ink refills are another session on their own, so many uses.


So there it is, Teddy has one completed for you.


Hugs ♥ :)

Teddy and Lauren

Paris Cats

Hello Everyone,

How gorgeous are some of the new dies coming out from the die companies, so many to choose from, and my favourite of all time are the European diees like Marianne and Joy, followed closely by Memory Box.

So I made a card…. of course I did, what else would I do?


This Paris Cats Die is just gorgeous and I love it to bits :) I have put them looking at the party banners on the brick wall under the gorgeous lamp.  And that tree is wonderful, love leafless trees.  I was really happy with this simple card and the ribbon cut sentiment is my new Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous  Simple Sayings and I waited so patiently for it on backorder.  Gorgeous.

Well I am happy, hope you are too!!

Hugs :)


Hello Everyone,


On Saturday I showed you a card made using a cardmaking embellishment kit that I sell.  Well today I thought I would show you three cards made from that type of kit, yes all three from the one kit and some scrap patterned paper and bling.


Yes all the goodies on these cards come from the one embellishment pack, the doily, the swirl, the leaves, the flowers and the butterfly.  All I have done is raid my offcuts paper for the backgrounds and added some bling and the sentiments.  So easy, so quick.


All my embellishment  kits are available on my Facebook Page.


Hope you like them, have fun and get crafting soon.

Hugs :)



Hearts and Flowers

Hello Everyone,


Wet Friday yesterday with lovely steady rain for half the day, so some water in the tanks.  It really has been so dry right through Summer and so hard to see the lawn browned off and even some large shrubs struggling in the heat and dry.


So I thought I would show you a card I made with one of the kits I make up.  It is a Heart Doily, swirl, leaves and flowers and I have used them on this card.  This set is purple with white flowers.



This is a standard A6 size card with mauve mulberry paper as a background and the items from the kit attached and a sentiment on a ribbon cut piece of cardstock.


So easy to do, so quick with a kit and all my embellishments kits are available on my facebook page


Have fun and enjoy your day!!

Hugs :)





Embossing Embossing

Hello Everyone,


Recently I hosted an online Midnight Madness, 12 hours of creativity with 30 other crafty people chatting and creating from Midday to Midnight.  There were 9 challenges to complete and here is one of them.


Create a project using wet or dry embossing, or both.  Well you know me, I had to use both.


The background panel was run through the Big Shot in a Craft Concepts Embossing Folder Leafy Flourish with a fairly tight sandwich to give a really raised crisp emboss.  Then I rubbed a Versamark Inkpad over the raised areas, not worrying if I got the lower parts of the cardstock as well.  Then covered with gold embossing powder and heat set.  After I had done this I used a sanding block to buff the shine off the raised areas, so I have a really dull surface on the leaves, but leaving other areas of the background with grainy patchy gold embossing.


I have embellished the card with ruffled ribbon and bow, butterflies and flowers and a Victorian image in a dimensional frame.  Overall I was really happy with the result of the background and the embellishing.


Hope you like it too.





Just the Ticket

Hello Everyone,

I have been quiet for the last little while, but I have been creating all sorts of cards and other things.  So I thought I might show you  what I have been up to.



A 5×5 inch card with Punch Around the Page Vintage Lace, a tag that has been embossed and some of my favourite MFT flowers.  A couple of sentiments and an accent made from a coke can, I love using metal.

Hope you like this one :)





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