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Hello Everyone,


Well don’t fall off your chair, yes we are blogging again today to show you some very nice cards in black and white from a kit from My2Angels Scrapbooking supplies.  Well this blog piece has been in progress a few days, we lost a pic and had to find it, the Teddy and Lauren search and rescue team got on the job and here we are to complete the task!!


Love black and white, so stunning, so striking and dramatic 🙂










Thanks for calling in and having a look!!!



Love Lauren xx




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Hello Everyone,


I love Wednesday, it is my day at home by myself while the boy is otherwise occupied and I really enjoy the quietness of no TV or radio.


So I made a card a little while ago and thought I would show it to you



I loved making this, very distressed, very shappy, and with dies and handmade embellishments on it.  I have use recycled items too which I love doing.

The raffia is on two tags inserted in the pocket panel made from corrugated cardboard packaging.    Burlap is also in there under the flowers and lots of foliage and pearl sprays. I have alos made a couple of spiral sprigs from galvanised tie wire (fencing stuff) and embossed them in bronze.

Everything is edged with Ranger Distress Ink Vingage Photo to give that extra dimension and texture.

This really is my style 🙂






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Hello Everyone,


Today I had a crafting session with my friend Lisa (on Skype of course) and boy can that woman pump the cards out, while I tend to fiddle around and try this, try that and put extra things on my cards.  Am I really such a time waster?? No I think not, but I sure know how to enjoy the journey to the destination of a finished card.


Well I have a pic of a Goanna climbing a tree, he is beautiful, but I don’t like to get too close, thank heavens for zoom!!!



He is gorgeous, isn’t he??? Well I think not, I am not a reptile person, they give me the cold shivers.  But they live here too, so I don’t go looking for them usually, but I rarely leave the house these days to go anywhere around home without the camera in tow.



This is my favourite type of card, being 5×5 inches with a panel on the front.  I have tried a double punch border on this and if you look closely you will see on the area to the right of the ribbon, I have done a PATP and inked it in pink, and on the three corners I have punched the corners in about an inch from the border.  I love new techniques.


The top left of the card is stamped with SU Boroque Motifs big swirl and I have embellished this area with the sentiment banner, a butterfly and three brads that have been coloured pink with embossing powder.


The ribbon satin edged organza ribbon has been ruffled and finished with a double bow.


The area to the right of the ribbon has been embellished with die cuts, branches and some chipboard, a daisy and a little butterfly.  I am liking the pink and green colours.  I really am not a fashion or craze type of girl, I just put together what is pleasing to me.


Well I hope you like these offerings today.


Today I also watched a movie, love having movies on in the craft room as it lets me do two of my favourite passtimes at the same time.  So today it was  a Sandra Bullock movie called ’28 Days’ and it is a real scream, so funny.  Let me know if you want me to tell you about it.


Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going great.

Hugs :)

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Hello Everyone,


Sunday is the best day of the week here, just love it, the quietness of the day gives a chance for reflection and thoughts of thankfulness and thinking on  plans for the next week.  So today I was thinking about my SCS friends and realised I went into a blog hop last week for Robins Nest and I won a $10 voucher from my friend Dawn’s blog Sunnyside Up, how good is that???


So I went looking for some wildlife to show you, and hahaha found this little fella in the shed down the back.



Yes he is a Possum, living in the shed. He comes out at night and sleeps in a cupboard through the day.


So after that encounter, I decided to make a card, a thank you card.  Over on SCS the Alphabet Challenge has a passel of dares this week for the letter N, and one is a thank you card in thanks for the fabulous job that Susan did last week.  But I don’t think I can send this to her, I am really liking it.  Bad Lauren.



I saw a similar card on Pinterest (what did I do for ideas before that??) and thought I really would love to have a go at that.  Well naturally my design ended up very different because my card is A6 and hers was A2 (U.S. size) so mine is narrower and taller.  So I am flexible and made the four inchies on the left and the other three on the right are smaller than twinchies.


All the stitiching is hand done after piercing holes for the stitches.  I loved the journey of making this card.  I plan on doing more like this.


Today I watched the BBC Series of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  I love that story and love the series, I watch it often and today was a classics kind of day.


Did you know I have started a Book Review Blog??? Laurens Book Reviews.  I will be reviewing every book I read whether a new one or a re-read book.  None will be the lastest and greatest as I usually borrow from the library or borrow from friends, or buy secondhand books.


Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going well.

Hugs :)

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Hello Everyone!!!


Oh My the weather keeps changing here, today was a little cooler and overcast, but still a beautiful day.  My dear Keith keeps telling me about the huge blue-tongue lizard who visits him each afternoon while he is having a beer out the back.  Apparently Blue is a little wary so we think that Monty Python is lurking somewhere around.


But today, no reptiles for you, oh no, a pic of a cute cuddly Koala.  This was taken on a day last year when he scrambled up a tree out the front.  He was sitting up there for ages and he let us watch him.  I am so pleased I have a good zoom and heaps of pixels on my camera.  I love Picassa for cropping my pics. I am all for free software.



He looks a bit comfy, doesn’t he?  Bit lazy I be thinking, and he makes me want a nana nap like him too.  Ok enough of the nature stuff today, on with the reason we are here.


I made a card!!! WOW I hear you say, how does she do this, every day coming up with something new for our eyes to feast on.  Well really it is Toby my cat who makes me spend so much time in the craft room, he calls me to come sit with him…. and later in the day Miss Tessa calles me to bed.  These two babies run my home and organise me.



This is a Clean And Simple card for me (CAS), very unusual, but I do like butterflies and I love this Sizzix Embossing Folder.  This could be  a single layer card, A6 right side opening.  But you know me and I hate having anything of the design seen when the card is opened, so I did the embossing on a panel for the front.  I know…


The butterflies are punched onto white with an EK success medium punch and then inked with Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink Catseye pads on the wings and edges.  Then I have used Ranger Distress Ink Walnut Stain just along the out edge of the wings.  Next I have covered each butterfly with Glossy Accents (I am loving this stuff again) and when dry attached them to the card and finished them off with Liquid Pearls.


An easy card, but very pretty to look at.  It is a card that could be used for any occasion.  Simple, sweet and a quick one to put together.


Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going well.

Hugs :)



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Hello Everyone,
Such a warm Spring day today and I had to go out to afternoon tea, warm drive, warm getting ready, too warm for this little fella!!! Did you know it was 41 C at Evans Head today, spare me Evans Head is right on the coast, it has beaches, what is happening??
I thought I would show you Monty Python tonight, he is a python so not poisonous, very friendly I believe but I do not like to get too close to him.  He is enormous, about 8 feet long I think.  He liked to sun himself in a little overgrown garden bed, last year this was, we are expecting a visit again soon.



He is so good looking isn’t he??  First time I saw him he scared me to death!! He just moves on in and takes over the bed of someone he wants to eat and when he has had dinner he moves on.  I will only worry when he moves into my bed.

So today I didn’t make anything, I was too busy making myself beautiful to go out  and you know the older I get the longer it takes…..

So I have to show you something I finished the other day and and have not shown you yet.  I am really really happy with these embellishment pieces.



This piece is just gorgeous and would be my favourite.  I love the eggshell cracks and the way the Glossy Accents brightens the colour so much.  The shimmer pearl spray is very speccy too.  Love the greenery and flowers on this one too.



This one turned out much better than I thought it would, the embossing around the opening was much easier than predicted.  Loved using the rose on this one.  Cannot decide whether I want to use it on a tag or as a stand alone frame for a special little friend of mine.



This is all of them.  So pleased witht he way they turned out.  Eggshell Mosaic Tutorial by Trudy is so easy to do.  The extra bits I did was to emboss around the edges with gold EP and  cover the entire surface with Glossy Accents to really bring out the colours.  Then embellished each one with handmade flowers.

I love being able to find something to use that is usually waste.  I also love using eggshells in the garden, the snails don’t like them.

Hope you like these embellishments and have a go at them soon.  The only change to the tutorial I would make would be to use pure bleach to soak the eggshells, that way the membrane turns yellow and when it is white, it has dissolved, so no peeling or fiddling involved.  This is a good thing and I hope you like it, I know I do.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going well.

Hugs :)

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Hello Everyone, a bit early today, but I wanted to blog before I uploaded to my SplitCoastStampers Gallery.
Now over on the Alphabet Challenge this week, Dani is offering extra points to anyone who has a go at the Eggshell Mosaic technique that was featured in the Weekly Inkling Newsletter on SplitCoastStampers this week.  And you know I do anything to get more points.

So here is my effort.



My card in on a 6″x 6″ base in ecru with a PATP panel over and an embossed panel for the top half of the card.  The bottomis that beautiful lace.  Zigzag ribbon ruching across the centre and a printed twill over that.

The panel has a ribbon flower and a handmade rose attached.  The butterfly in the left corner is double layered MB Darla butterfly, the top layer is vellum and run through an embossing folder the same at the background of the card.

Then the card is finished with a 3 pearl row top and bottom opposites.  All panels are sponge inked with Adirondak Ginger.

Now a close up of the eggshell panel.



I will just give you a quick step-by-step for what I have done.  The full instructions for the technique can be found in the Weekly Inkling on SplitCoastStampers.  I am not sure if you can access the resourses or not without being a member, but I can assure you, the info available on that site is all you will ever need to be a super papercrafter!!!

Uncooked eggshells, wash and soak overnight in water.  Then peel out the membranes.  Dry.

Coat your panel/cardstock/chipboard (I used chipboard square) with Modge Podge or some sort of glue, press on the eggshell pieces and leave to dry.

Spray with Perfect Pearl Spray (pearl) and leave to dry.  Spray again with Pearl mixture and drop randomly 2 or 3 colours of Ranger Alchohol Inks.  I used Eggplant, Butterscotch and Lettuce.  You will see the ink disperse along the cracks in the eggs and wick out.  Spray again with pearls and see more spread of colour.  Keep dropping ink/spraying until you get the desired effect.

Wait for it to dry.  All this waiting is not good for me, I am a get in and get it done sort of girl, even if a project takes time to complete, but this waiting stuff and me do not mix well.

Ok so then I heated up my melt pot with some Ultra Thick Embossing Powder and while I was waiting for that to heat and be ready, I thought I would give an edge finish to my piece.   I tapped the edges of my piece onto embossing ink (the clear stuff) and dipped it into gold embossing powder, heat set it and dipped again, heat set and dipped again, until the edges were sealed in gold embossing powder.  I did this for each side, just along the edge so there was no cardboardy colour left.

Now my UTEE was hot enough to work with.  So I dipped one edge into the pan, took it out, wiped the excess off the side and did another side, repeated till all sides were done.  Then did the whole lot.  Excellent result, a very intense colour and great depth

What I did not realise was that the (was told in the tutorial about heating) piece would bubble with air….. DUH, so this is ok, I just laid it on my non stick mat and spooned some UTEE over and kept busting the bubbles.  This has given me an uneven finish, but I am happy.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is great.

Hugs 🙂


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