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Hello Everybody!!


This card is made with the Kraft Plus Challenge in mind.  Yes a Kraft base, a recycled Kraft base that I saved from packaging and have been itching to use it.!!

I have spritzed the base with Dylusions Ink Spray in white.  Added some Grossgrain polkadot ribbon in four strips and a ruffled piece up the middle for something different and in keeping with the colour scheme.  Kaisercraft Die – Lacey Doily and Memory Box Die – MB Botanical Stem.  The A2Z Scraplets Birthday Set 1 Ebony and the Kylie’s Triangle Texture Ebony Shape have been left as they come in that beautiful black.  Decorated with Sugar Beads and a flower arrangement.


Close up of the A2Z Scraplets


And a close up of the flowers.
Thanks for calling by to have a look, this card is entered into the Kraft Plus Challenge for April!!
Waving madly at you all, Lauren and Teddy

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Hello Blogland Friends!!

What a glorious warm beach weather type of day if only I were a beachy type person.  Today was gorgeous!!!


Well it made me want to hide inside and get stamping and beading.  So I made a pair of cards with vellum, beading and embossing on them.

Vellum gives such wonderful opportunities, it is so versatile, different and it is delicate too, but not so delicate that you cannot work with it.

So here they are.




I love the look of both of them, but the pink is oh so delicate and adorable.

These both have clear vellum with white ink stamped on the reverse side.  I used a rollagraph frangipani/tropical wheel, you know lots of solid stamp area.  It worked a treat layered over the pale blue or pale pink.  You can see the depth of colour around the edge of the vellum.

I attached the vellum with eyelets and Scotch Vellum Tape.  Do you know that this is only good on pale to mid colours (never disappears on dark colours) and takes about 24hours to disappear completely.  When applying you should ‘activate’ it by rubbing with your finger over the backing tape before peeling away and it should only ever be applied to the porous surface first (cardstock, not the vellum).

The beads are treaded onto 26gauge wire and attached through the eyelets with D/S tape behind and held in place at the front with the Happy Birthday panel.  I find it very messy to use glue to hold beads in place, always get into a mess, so I either do something like this, or use cotton and anchor from behind by sewing them down.

The flutterbys are embossed with a mix of white EP, pearl EP and perfect pearl powder.  It worked very well.  The EPs were about even amounts and the pearls enough to get the colour I wanted.  I tested it until I got the depth of colour I wanted.

Very simple card really, but I am very very happy with it.

The stamps used are both by Stamp-It Australia

Thanks for calling in.  Hope your day is a really great one.


These cards are being entered into the following challenges.

Twisted Tuesdays – 2TC26 ~ Rock, Paper, Scissors

Alphabet Challenge on SCS – Letter F



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Hello Everyone!!!

I love boxes and bags and other cute things to hide pressies in.   🙂 So on my wishlist there is several dies for boxes and bags.  Well last week I bought myself one that has been on there forever, this lovely little handbag.  It is a Sizzix XL die by Pinnick….. and I love it!!!

So I had to sit down today in a crafting frenzie and make it up.  It is perfect and the size great too!!! Big enough to hold a good size pressie, or some gift cards, or choccies, how I am going to love making this up for my little friends, as I know they will love it too!!




Now isn’t it the cutest little bag you have seen?? So easy to make with just 3 peices to cut, 2 for the bottom and one for the flap.  I pasted patterned paper onto cardstock for the bottom, because I wanted it a bit sturdier than paper would have made it.

Then I went wild decorating, with a lace border strip, flowers, butterfly and bling, all in pink of course.  The bag itself is held closed with a ribbon through the back and a velcro closure.  🙂  I love the bead handle, so cute.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going well.

Hugs 🙂

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So I thought I would use a little wire snd bead dragonfly on a card.  Don’t you just love it??




I used a Craft Concepts embossing folder on this, it is really really like tropical leaves and so pretty.  Then I just looped some thread onto the dragonfly and stitched him into position, that way no glue to show, gotta like that.  Some mauve ribbon, a double bow, a lovely flower tipped in wisteria ink and a little banner sentiment and it is done!!
It is so simple and so easy and I love the most that all is made by me!!

Hope you have a great day, thanks for calling by.


Lauren 🙂

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Well girls (and boys) I am early with this post, about six hours early, how good is that, but it seems that so many people are excited that I am finally doing this tutorial as they love the little dragonflies and would like to make them too.

I learned to make these about nine years ago and I make and give away loads of them.  They are cute for either papercraft or for jewellery making.

This post will be picture heavy and if you need a closer view of any step, just click on the photo to open it in a new window in an enlarged form.
So this is what we will be making:




Pretty isn’t he????  Well here we go!!!  You need to start with something like this:

Some jewellery wire 26 gauge works well – soft enough to bend and twist, but holds the shape.
Tools …. mine are l to r Round Nose Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters and Quilling tools with a split point (yes you will break them eventually, but they work for me).
Seed Beads…. I use 8/0 they are a medium sized seed bead, but you can use up to 4mm beads.
A felt pad to put things on…. this stops the beads rolling around and makes them easier to thread onto the wire.


Now we get to work!!


Start with a piece of wire around 20 inches long.

Bring the ends together and thread about 10 or 12 beads onto BOTH pieces as shown.

Here is a closer view of that.

Take note that the other end of the wire still has a big loop in it, keep that there, do not flatten it out yet.

Now slide the beads towards the loop end of the wire and stop when you have them close enough to make a loop that holds your beads in place.


Separate the wired at the top of the beads and bend them out in opposite directions, keeping them in line with the way the loop is facing.




Now you have two wire that you need to put a little curve on in the direction you need to make the wings.

Hold the body (beads) of your dragonfly in your left hand (if you are righthanded) and the right wire in your right hand between your thumbnail and your index finger, your thumbnail is under the wire between the wire and the body, take a closer look if you need to.

Another pic of this curling the wire to make it easier to make loop for wing.

Make a loop in the wire in a clockwise cirle from the top of the body and back again.

Now holding the body between your left thumb and index finger, and the loop between your right thumb and index finger, close to the crossover, twist/turn the wing under and towards you to create a twist to secure the wing.  Take a closer look at the above and below photo.

See how the twist holds the wing where it is supposed to be?

Now turn the dragonfly over so that the completed wing is on the left side.  I do this so that I am working right handed all the time, I find it easier and also end up with a better finished item.  See I am fussy!!

Then it is just a repeat of the steps above to create another wing. Curl the wire, make a loop.

Twist the wing and we are done!!! Two perfect wings, you dragonfly is almostdone!!!



To make it easier to create the next set of wings, just push them down a little so they are out of the way.

So you can curl the wirk, make a loop and turn the loop over to make the third wing.

You are on a roll!!! Change the dragonfly over so you are working with the right hand.  Curl the wire, make a loop, turn it over to make the twist to hold it.

Push or manipulate your wings back into the correct position, it is not as fragile as you think, just take a little care though.  And thread a bead on the two wired above the wings for the head.

Separate and push down the wired above this bead.

Bring the wires back together at the ends, making sure to keep the separation to hold the head on.  Cut off the wired to equal length about 3 inches works well.


This is where the quilling tool comes in.  You can use round nose pliers if you like, but the quilling tool works for me.  Place the end of one wire into the split of the quilling tool.

Now make a curl. Very gently continue to curl.


Keep going, with gentle pressure to curl, making an expanding spiral.  Don’t worry if it is a bit wonky.  You can fix that later.

A little more until you are about 2/3 of the way down the wire and you are done with that one.

When you are done making the spiral, take the flat pliers and crimp the sprial together to make it flat!!! You thought I made them perfect, didn’t you??? It is not how good you are that counts, it is how good you are at fixing your mistakes!!!

Now turn it over and make the other antennae the same as the first.

Quilling tool in place.

Curl and curl and curl.

Flatten out if need be.

There it is the finished wire and bead dragonfly.  Good luck with yours, I know you can make them.

So there you have it, with the minimum of tools and things needed.

Hope you enjoyed this, hope to see your creations soon.

Lauren 🙂

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Hey Everyone, how good is this challenge????

Still working on the Forest Swap VSN Challenge (by yours truly as hostie) with bling, beads, glitter, glimmer, shimmer or shine or any of the above.  Also the SCS Ways to Use it Challenge WT355 Just Bead It!!

This was a wonderful challenge for me, I love to use beads on my cards, although I have so much stuff that sometimes I have to overlook things or there would be no space at all left on my cards and they would weigh a ton!!  

My background was sent to me by a friend, a punch around the page.  So I made a little focal from a cardstock square covered with mulberry paper and put a little bunch of flowers made from beads and wire.  I made a little 5 spirals out of the wire by twisting the wire around a toothpick and then stretching it, threading 8/0 seed beeds each piece. Then they were tied together at the bottom, glued down and covered with a bow and a flower with micro bead centre.

I am happy with this one, and I think I got it right, seems I really did Bead It!!

Hope you like it.



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All the talk of the Royal Wedding and the hats made my friend Sam think of those wonderful hat and corsage pins appearing on cards, so she decided to host a swap for them.  Below I have two prototypes for my spots in the swap. 

What do you think??? Would you use them on a card, or should I try again for something more spectacular?

These are long pearl ended pins that I have had for ages and used in paper piercing for embroidery cards.  I had loads of them, so decided to use them if possible.  The coin is a US Dime and the end peices to stop the pin from being a danger are handmade using a bead within a bead and stoppered with silicone to make a secure end piece.

The pin on the left has wire wrapped around the beads and pin and a butterfly attached and each bead is adhered to the pin for stability.

The pin on the right has a heart charm attached with a double loop to the pin and a bead threaded and adhered to the pin.


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Friday BeadDay!!

Went to a friend’s house today to teach her a few moves in beading, what a great student she is!!! Three of us made a phone/handbag bling, so easy, so much fun, so pretty

We had a great time, talking, beading, laughing and just being together.  I love spending time in good company, those who are open to tinkering with anything and having some fun.


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Yes I know it has been a while since I made any of these, but they are so very popular, very delicate and just stunning. I do love working with wire, maybe I like the way I can make it do what I want it to?? Are the beads smaller and the hands not quite as agile.. or is it just winter? Must hunt around for my instructions for these and put it on my ‘to do’ list to upload.

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Key Ring or Handbag Bling.

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