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Seems like such a long time and also only a short time since I was last here and so much has happened. Teddy is excited about all these changes back to crafting and he wishes I was a funny as I used to be.

I lost my partner and husband of almost 40 years. He was a special man and I miss him every day.  I moved home from the Port Stephens area to the sunny north coast near the Queensland border. Beautiful area, but like the rest of the country, so dry.

I could not craft, but spent many an hour or several just sitting and looking at my craft things and now I am back, perhaps not as prolific as I was once, but much more diverse.  So we have a few things to show you in the coming days (I have also forgotten my photographic skills) so we hope you like what we have been doing.

Today is a card for this little monster turning one! She is my great great niece and I love this little bundle to bits, I could just squish and cuddle her all day if she would stay still long enough

quinn birthday card one holdingquinn birthday card oneThe card base was cut on my Brother SNC from a file I made the rest is just embellishing and at the moment I seem to like using mesh or netting on my cards, it gives such a wonderful extra layer without obscuring the card base.

I am trying to remember to take photos of my projects as I do them, rather than asking the recipient to send me pics of what was given to them.  Well hoping this will sink in soon.

Love from me and from Teddy too! Make time for you and the things you enjoy!

Lauren and Teddy xx

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Hello Everybody!!

Oh I have been busting to post this card and some others for a while now, but because I sell them I did not want to post before the card was given.

So lucky you all get to see it now.  I am really happy with these and it is amazing how popular this style of card and box is for very special occasions.


Here is the card open, an Easel Card in blue and white with the main feature butterflies.  The heart in behind and a bride and groom.  Inside the card is the smaller hearts, butterflies and flowers, leaving plenty of space for a handwritten greeting and well wishes.


The card closed. The butterfly dies are cut in the blue and again in the black to offset slightly and give dimension.  The Flowers are all tipped with blue to continue the colour theme as is the heart.  Ruffled ribbon and a bow with beaded pearls throughout.  Plenty of bling pearls scattered on the butterflies as well.


The box for the card to go into for protection and to finish off a lovely special card.  Ribbon goes around the box, glued to the bottom of the box and glued where the embellished heart is on the front, so that the two parts do not get separated.  The theme of the card is carried through to the outside of the box, with the ribbon, flowers, heart and butterflies, although not as much colour outside.

I was very happy with this card and so was the customer.

Hope you like it.

Hugs 🙂

Lauren xx

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Hello Everyone,


Beautiful sunny Saturday here, just the start of Summer and still lovely almost Autumnlike weather.  I like is very much, but I suppose January and February will bring me back to reality 🙂


A friend of mine showed me a photo of a card a while back and asked me to make the directions on how to make it.  Like she thought I could do anything, so I would hate to disappoint, so I did it for her with a couple of wrong starts and eventually got there.



It is very pretty and something very different.


shape card 1

a piece of paper 12 inches x 4 inches folded in half lengthways, and opened up and folded in half the other way, then the pieces cut away from the fold (left in photo above to the fold at the bottom.

shape card 2

then cutting away the bits we don’t want

shape card 3

Take a piece of cardstock/paper 6 inches x 6 inches and cut from 1 1/2 inches up from the bottom on the left to 1 1/2 inches down from the top on the right.

shape card 4

now turn the pieces around so that the long diagonal cut is on the bottom the tallest part of the triangle at the right.

Now measure 6 inches from right to left across the bottom and vertically up, as in the pic below. Do the same to the other piece.

shape card 5

so now you have 3 pieces like this, your folded base, and 2 panels

shape card 6

So now you need to cover the 2 panels with paper and assemble.

Then decorate as you wish, stamp, stick things on, do whatever pleases you!!

shape card 7

Really so easy for something so different, have fun with it.




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Hello Everyone,


Well warm weather has hit us so early this year and I have been melting!! But the great thing is that while I melt I love being in my craft room with the fan on 🙂


So you say, what have you been doing?  Well let me show you.



My friend Kath made a card like this with the little Quickutz flower die and mat and I was blown away because I thought this was an uneven cirlce and was not sure what to do with it.


So I used some Graphic 45 paper, the sewing machine, also the flower die and mat and the shamrock shaped flower dies to make a flower for the front.



This is open, and the stamp saying is from Lucy’s Stamps, it is just gorgeous.  See that beautiful flower cut out on the right side?  And I thought it was just a useless die I bought.  🙂


Hope you like this.


Thanks for calling in.


Hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone,


What a wonderful sunshiny day it was today and I spent all day crafting away that is because I love that best 🙂


Now the card today is from the Anya range of dies and these are the ones I fell in love with and first started my love affair with Marianne Dies. They are just gorgeous.




I love that this set is 5 dies and they all layer together to create the perfect depth and texture.  For this card I have used them all, including the flower.  I have also used Anya Leaves and  Chinese rolled rose and the rose bud maker as well.





See how they all layer and how the flowers so suit the layout.  I have framed the little girl in the centre of the square exactly where it is designed to place an image or focal.






Ribbon, lace and more flowers to embellish and really make the card a real thing of beauty.  The theme is carried through to the inside or easel section of the card.



It just finishes it all with all the flowers and leaves, all being inked for an aged finish.


Don’t forget for anyone in Australia who is interested in these dies to call into Shelley’s Land on Faceboook and become a member for the best prices around.


Hope you like her, thanks for calling in, hope your day is great!!


Hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone,


Pick yourselves up off the floor, yes I am back again today with another post!!! WOW, and to make it all the more special I am posting a card that I have been told is the nicest card I have ever made!!!





Teddy is a bit impressed, and he said that if I keep making cards like this he will go full time modelling for me without a whine in sight.  This is a simple easel card and the base of the card and the front is simply the three pieces of the Marianne Creatables die LR0180.  Each is cut and embosssed and then gently inked around the edges with Ranger Distress Ink Vintage Photo.  So Simple so easy.


The flowers are made with a Mariannes Creatables flower die LR 0145 and the flower die from the Mariannes Craftables CR1202.  These are so easy to put together, no stylus tool needed, just a little roll or pinch here and there and whalla a beautiful flower.


The stamps used are from Kaiser English Rose Collection and the only other embellishment is pearls placed on each scallop of the doily and a small string of pearls to help anchor the easel.


This card is being used as a demonstration of how easy cards are to make from the Marianne range of dies for Shelleys Land.


Thanks for calling in,


Hugs 🙂



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Hi Everyone,

This week over on the Alphabet Challenge on SCS the letter is E and you know I love to pile on the items beginning with the letter of the week, but it is not Easy this week….

Also you can  bring a friend (like I would have one of those) and get 5 points for her dropping in and then she gets the same points as you and you get the same points as her….. how good is this.
Well on with my card.



Yes surprise, surprise this could be a … Boy Card.  So I will tell you the story of my card.

I have 10 items starting with E for my card ….. it is an Easel card, in Ecru and Ebony, with an Embossed background above an Elongated rectangle picture panel and a deckle Edge, showing an Eucalyptus tree and two Equestrians and an Eagle, and coloured using the Eraser technique….

All stamps by Stamp-It Australia from their outback collection. Some used in full, some only partial stamps to create my ‘scene’. I love my Stamp-It Stamps as they are ‘home-grown’ and these are the stamps I started stamping with, good deep etched rubber with fantastic cushioning.  (Do I get points for the commercial?)

Thanks for calling in my friends, hope you have a fantastic day on the wind down to the weekend.

Hugs 🙂

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