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Hello Everyone,

What a glorious Saturday, err,huh,hum, it is Friday and a wonderful one  it has been, little cool, but then it is Winter, but I have been having a wonderful time creating.  Miss Shelley over at Shelley’s Land posted a pic this moring and said I should make my version, so I have done!!


Now this is so pretty.  The die set used for the top and the bottom of the box is Marianne Creatables LR0236, a set of 4 dies and I have used the large base, the filligree base and the swirl on the side of the box.

It really is easy to create beautiful things when the beauty is in the die!!

I have also used the birdcage die Marianne Creatable LR0146, the Marianne Birdies and  the gorgeous leafy flourishes Marianne Creatables LR0271.


Now there is a close up of the side with the swirl and that beautiful Marianne Birdie that I so love!!

Lace around the middle of the box with seam binding through and a double bow.  Love my ribbon and bows.


Now you see inside the bottom of the box, so pretty seeing the die cut extend to inside and a lovely close up of the side of the top of the box too 🙂


The box is quite high and so would hold a nice amount of goodies, or choccies to give to someone nice!!


Oh an another of inside the box, and an inside of the top too, I put the die cute there as well because I thought it was so beautiful.  Actually, no I didn’t, I made a mistake and stuck the lid down the wrong way round!!! So ended up with it there and had to cut another one for the top.  Worked out quite pretty anyway, so not to worry.


So there you go, a lovely afternoon’s work 🙂

I will have instructions for this box available for purchase here on my blog at a later time.  Just getting them ready now and working out the best way to go about it.

Thanks for calling in.  Hope you are having a great day.

Hugs 🙂


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Hello Everyone,


Recently I got myself a Martha Stewart Score Board, now I know it is in imperial and I am a metric girl, but you know it really does not matter…. it has lines just everywhere…. and it cam with the envelope triangle thingie too!!!


So I made a couple of rosettes and a box, just because I could, and you don’t even really have to measure anything, it is all done for you.




So how cool is this??? The box is upside down in the photo, but if I rotate it, Teddy gets to be hanging from the roof and he is not good at that.


I know I have MFT rosette dies, but it is almost simpler to use the scoreboard.  I got it at over 50% off, no resistance needed.


The box has versamark resist inked with Ranger Distress Ink.  So easy, so effective.


See you again tomorrow!! hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone,


How close is Christmas getting now, someone said twelve more sleeps, would that be right?? So close and I suppose I have plans in place to be ready or not.  You know Christmas will come whether I am ready or not, don’t you??


Well I have been making some Stocking Stuffers for a challenge over on MIU so I will show you a couple.  You can try to guess if one of these is for you, but I am not sure who they are for.


SANY1798 SANY1799 SANY1800 SANY1801 SANY1802


How cute are they??? So easy to make pretty things for putting little gifts inside, and you know how much I love giving things away…. oh my.  But I am not sure I am a fan of the commercial aspects of Christmas.  I prefer to give gifts to those I care about when I want to because I think of them, not because of a time of year that we all received the greatest gift ever and that is what I think we should celebrate.


Off my soapbox, have a great day and enjoy yourselves.  Love you all.


Oh Oh Oh, many of you loved my tip of the week yesterday so that may just continue if I can think of nifty things you might like to know.


Hugs :)



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Hello my blogland friends!!!!

How are you all today?  Hope you are getting lots of eye-candy in while blog hopping around, or maybe you are getting inky fingers while making something wonderful!!!  Please tell me where I can find your work, would love to see it.
Well today I have been prettying up my craft room.  I have realised that although I make pretty cards, boxes  and other things, there is nothing other than my inspiration wall and my ribbon hanger that really looks pretty.  Everything is serviceable, rather than pretty.

I am going to change that.

Get a go at this for my scrap cardstock bin.



This is my original (thank you Sunday Telegraph) scrap cardstock box.  It originally was brightly striped gloss finish, but was starting to get a little shabby, so I have covered it with my fav colours and fave papers (well the last of them really) Bo Bunny Shabby Princess series (garden something) which I loved, stripes, dots, floral and circles, and colours to die for!!!.  Sad cannot get it anymore.  But now I will be able to look at those gorgeous colours every single day in my room.

The box was covered with papers, paint dabbered around all edges, sprayed with Perfect Pearl, ribboned, flowered, fibred, pearled and owled!!!  Oh butterflied too.

I love it.



There are 7 separators with Owl Tabs to keep my colours in their own area.  I have used a label die on the corner of the tab, added the owl (cutie) and finished with some ribbon and cotton string.

I love all those googley eyes looking at me!!



I am really pleased with this finished item and now I should be able to find all those smaller bits of card that used to get lost in the box.
So this is the finished overall photo, yes I think a job well done.



Yes I have lots of yellow at the moment, from making the party boxes a while back.  Might have to start doing yellow honeycomb cards with my newish hexagon die… 🙂
Thanks for calling in, hope you are having a great day!!

Hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone!!!

I love boxes and bags and other cute things to hide pressies in.   🙂 So on my wishlist there is several dies for boxes and bags.  Well last week I bought myself one that has been on there forever, this lovely little handbag.  It is a Sizzix XL die by Pinnick….. and I love it!!!

So I had to sit down today in a crafting frenzie and make it up.  It is perfect and the size great too!!! Big enough to hold a good size pressie, or some gift cards, or choccies, how I am going to love making this up for my little friends, as I know they will love it too!!




Now isn’t it the cutest little bag you have seen?? So easy to make with just 3 peices to cut, 2 for the bottom and one for the flap.  I pasted patterned paper onto cardstock for the bottom, because I wanted it a bit sturdier than paper would have made it.

Then I went wild decorating, with a lace border strip, flowers, butterfly and bling, all in pink of course.  The bag itself is held closed with a ribbon through the back and a velcro closure.  🙂  I love the bead handle, so cute.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going well.

Hugs 🙂

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Oh my sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and by the time I was finished this project I think I was slightly over these two characters.

Two of my favourite girls are having birthday parties next weekend and my present to them is party bags in their theme.  Sometimes I am sure I am not sane.  But never mind all done and packed to be dropped off to their mum tomorrow.

Oh my girls are Sarah and Beth Fallows of course, my two angels who love to craft with me from time to time.





Well say hello to Pikachu, there are 19 of these little suckers, all close to the same and made with a 2-5-7-10 box with top flap.  All were handcut and hand coloured onto yellow cardstock.  There are little feet too, but are hard to see.





Well now say hello to Hello Kitty.  All 19 of these on the same type box as Pikachu handcut in pink, blue and lemon, but I am lucky to have a die for the kitty, but all needed to be assembled and decorated, yes all those tails are pieced together after being hand cut.

I am pleased (sort of) with them, so I really hope my girls love them to bits.  And the best part is, I get to go to the parties!!!! Woot Wooo!!!! Thanks Jo!!!

And YES I can make these and many other themes for your prince or princess’ party, assembled and flat-packed for you at $2.50 each plus postage, bargain, eh????


Lauren 🙂

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