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Hello Everybody!!!

Lauren and Teddy up today!!!!  Oh we just love sun-filled Winter Days!!! At the moment we are getting mega fogs in the morning and that fog burns off to be such a sunny day, we open the blinds and let the warmth come inside.  When it is like that I love to craft and Teddy and I have been doing a bit of that lately for you!!!

So we thought we would show you a couple of cards we have made for you 🙂

Oh today we have used one of the A2Z Scraplets Stencils Pebblestones – Stencilets & Masklets on the background with CM Metallic Silver, and sprinkled with Embossing Powder (Adirondak Wild Plum) and then heated.  I love this result.  Also used a recent release Decorative 9 Corner Set of 2 and painted it with Viva Inka Gold, so shiny, so beautiful, so vibrant.  You could use a paste or spray from the Colour Blast range in store.

Handmade flowers by me using the EK Success Flower punch in Whale and Medium size.  Tutorial here to make the flowers.

The second card we have for you has used those fabulous words for cards that A2Z Scraplets have available.  I love them.  Handmade holes around the edge of the card, but no stitching in it.

Lots of dies, a stamp and I love those little rosettes that I have used a scoreboard to make, then decorated with charms, flowers and pearls to match my card. Leaves are painted with Glimmer Glaze.

Love that leaf die, it is by Crafty Ann and not sure whether Cheery Lyn have picked it up since they took over.

So proud of ourselves with this one!!  You know I like to recycle, well I have recycled the ‘outer’ of the Star Set of 2 Flourish, so 3 cards out of this chippie, how clever is that.  We have coated it with Stampendous Shabby White Embossing Powder. Went with  purple glitter paper behind it, as I found some leftover star shapes in my diecut box.

This close up gives you an idea of how dimensional and textured this card is.  I love it!!!

Thanks for calling in, have fun papercrafting and get your hands messy with mediums!!!

Love Lauren xxxx

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Hello Everyone!!

Well Teddy and I have been busy making a gatefold card and while we were at it, we decided to make a tutorial for it because we know that not everyone makes the most of their dies and we should.  I love it when a tool is a multi-functional as I am 🙂


The tutorial for this card is here

Gatefold Card with Die Cut Shaped Gates

Hope you like it.

Hugs 🙂

Lauren xx


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Hello Everyone,


Beautiful sunny Saturday here, just the start of Summer and still lovely almost Autumnlike weather.  I like is very much, but I suppose January and February will bring me back to reality 🙂


A friend of mine showed me a photo of a card a while back and asked me to make the directions on how to make it.  Like she thought I could do anything, so I would hate to disappoint, so I did it for her with a couple of wrong starts and eventually got there.



It is very pretty and something very different.


shape card 1

a piece of paper 12 inches x 4 inches folded in half lengthways, and opened up and folded in half the other way, then the pieces cut away from the fold (left in photo above to the fold at the bottom.

shape card 2

then cutting away the bits we don’t want

shape card 3

Take a piece of cardstock/paper 6 inches x 6 inches and cut from 1 1/2 inches up from the bottom on the left to 1 1/2 inches down from the top on the right.

shape card 4

now turn the pieces around so that the long diagonal cut is on the bottom the tallest part of the triangle at the right.

Now measure 6 inches from right to left across the bottom and vertically up, as in the pic below. Do the same to the other piece.

shape card 5

so now you have 3 pieces like this, your folded base, and 2 panels

shape card 6

So now you need to cover the 2 panels with paper and assemble.

Then decorate as you wish, stamp, stick things on, do whatever pleases you!!

shape card 7

Really so easy for something so different, have fun with it.




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Hello Everyone,


As you know I love love love making flowers from paper and ink.  It is just such a rewarding passtime and I really do like it.

So I have made a video on making a quick simple flower and this technique can be done with any  flower with petals.   You can find it here : Flower Tutorial




Hope this helps you along with your flower making 🙂




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News…. For Sale!!

Hello Everyone,


Yes I am selling my cards and some tutorials on here, under the brand new for sale section!! Can you believe it.  There will of course still be freebie tutorials and youtube, but sor some of the really special tutorials, they will be available to buy.


So this is a new card made of the brand new Tutorial for the Uneven Gatefold Card which is the first tutorial I am offering.



The more I make this card, the more I really like it,  So elegant, so feminine and so classy looking.  I have used all Marianne Dies on it this time and the Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly.  Dies used are LR0202, LR0271, CR1202


Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going great!!


Hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone,


What an evening it has been and how wonderful that my followers are the chosen few for the news today!!! I made my first Video Tutorial!!!


EGAD, I hear you say, is there no end to the talents of this lady???  Well yes, the video is not that fabulous, but I will get better!!




Now this is yesterday’s card, but Teddy and I wanted to show you how to tie this bow….. and it is glued together one on top of each other with hot glue gun, I love that thing (I have no fingerprints left, but I love it anyway).


So here is the link Ribbon Bow Tying by Laurenscraft, TA-DA!!!


And it has made Teddy so jealous that I am a video star and he is not, because he so badly wants to have a career as a rock star!!


Have fun my friends!!


Hugs 🙂



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Hello Everyone!!

I have a little tootie for you today on the art of envelope making.  I put this together because I have people ask me often where I get my envelopes from and I say either SU or I make them myself.  They are gobsmacked as they did not know they could be made.
These are made from ordinary copy paper, but I usually use either patterned double sided paper or 140 or 160 gsm cardstock a nice lightweight one.

This is a basic envelope for a normal size card.  All use the same principle, a square sheet of paper to make an envelope, whether your card is square or rectangle.

Well here we go!!

The things you need are at hand, some card or plastic for templates, some paper (copy paper, 12×12 paper, whatever), your card and some punches to decorate or a corner rounder punch.

Now you need to measure your card, whether it is square or rectangle, whatever.

If it is A6 or rectangle or even a shaped card, you need to measure both sides!!

Yes you need to measure this other side too, so you can make your template!!

Make your template 1/2 inch larger than your card.

My card was A6 size or standard card, so my template is 11.5cm x 16cm.



Now lay your paper down, and lay your template diagonally on your paper, you will need a paper piece that has at least a quarter of an inch (1/4 inch) on the longest diagonal side of your template to make the envelope……..




If you are confused look to the next picture.  You need to be able to do these measurements yourself so you can make envelopes for every size card you make.

See the template fits my square with a 1/4 inch to spare at each side.

Now you have a square piece of paper for your envelope, your piece of paper for an envelope is always SQUARE, whether your card is square or not.

Now fold one corner of your envelope paper up at the edge of the template.

Repeat with the next.

And the next and the last one too….. decide which is the best way to have your opening flap, by trying different ways of closing the flaps.  The sides should go in first, then the bottom and then the top.

Now open up your envelope and take out the template.

Put a little cut nick into each side as shown above.

Decorate the top flap of the envelope if you wish.

Or just round each corner, to give a nice professional look. and put some tape on the side flap at the bottom, or on the bottom flap depending how you want to fold your envelope.

I did this one with the bottom up first, then the sides in, but should have done it with the sides in first and the bottom up to cover them, it does not really matter, and you know I make mistakes.

So here is our pretty envelope!!

Put some tape (or you can use gum which dries if you want to and lick the gum to seal) on the sides of the top flap.

So here is the perfect (well almost) envelope for this card!!

And here is the one for an A2 or A6 card. Starting with the same square of paper.

With this one I used a white outside and the green inside to get a different colour inside to out.  You can get this same effect with double sided paper.

Hope this helped someone out there in blogland!!!

I will show you in another tutorial how to make this envelope dimensional to hold those lumpy bumpy cards!!!

Then how to make envelopes for those bigger cards we have.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is great!!

Hugs 🙂

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