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Ok  everyone while I have your attention getting out supplies and making things and trying things new, I thought I would show you how I do the ruffled ribbon, because you know I am far to cheap to buy the gathered stuff!!!  So here we go.

I don’t know what happened but as I dropped in this first pic, the post went live and I was not ready!!! Oh My now some may be reading and wondering what is going on, and I can assure you that I have no real idea about that.

This post is photo heavy and if you need closer detail of any pic, just click on it to open it in a new page. Hope this helps you.


So this first pic is of a card I made ages ago that has gathered sheer ribbon across the top of it. This technique works so well for sheer ribbons of any width above 3/8″, it give so much more volume and depth to the ribbon.

So the supplies you need is your card!! A pael for the front of the card, I use a panel within a panel, but you will see at the end, OK?  You will also need your ribbn, mine is a sheer ribbon with stripes that is about 1″ wide.  And you also need Redline tape, or Ranger Red Tape, or super super strong adhesive tape.  Also it is best to work on a non stick craft mat or baking paper to stop the panel sticking when you have adhesive side down.  You will need your ribbon to be about 3 1/2 times the length you wish to cover.

Prepare your panels for your card, by cutting to size and perhaps rounding the corners etc or whatever you do for your card.

Run the tape the full length of the card panel that you want covered with gathered ribbon plus about 1/2 ” turnover for the back.

Start by adhering your ribbon to the back of your card panel.  This is the front view.

And this is the back view of your panel witht he ribbon stuck to it.  Turn your panel over and it is probably best to work on your non stick mat, so the adhesive comes away easy for you without damaging your panel.

Ok so with the front of your panel facing up, pull the ribbon to the left and use a finger to stick it to the tape.

Now making sure you only have a small length attached to the tape, check that you are happy with what you have done so far.

When you are happy with what you have stuck so far, pull the ribbon to the right and stick down.

Back to the left, pull and stick.

Pull to the right, stick down.

Keep it going you are doing great!!

Yes left, stick, right, stick, left, stick, right, stick, you are just marching along really well!!

Oh my your are nearly there, it looks great!!

Just a couple more, it looks so good.

Yes and at the bottom now, the last one, it does not matter whether it is a left or a right.

Turn over and stick the ribbon down, cut if off.

There it is, finished. Now you can put adhesive (your regular one) onto the panel and stick it either on a matting piece or your card.

I love this effect, it is so pretty.  Thanks for being with me on this, hope to see your creations soon.

Lauren 🙂

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