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As you all know I have far too many supplies, and it is so easy to lose track of what is available to craft with unless  sorted in some useful way.

My ribbons took me a long time to get a system that worked for me.

Spools of ribbon, big or small are kept in a draw that I always threaten to sort into colour groups, but never get done.  I tend to store in types of ribbon and size of spool.  They all stand on end so it is easy to see what is there.

No photo of my drawer of ribbon, cos you will think it is a pitiful amount.  When a spool gets low, I cut the ribbon into 1 metre lengths and it goes to the next storage solution.

So I will show you what I do with 1 metre lengths of ribbon.



This is a coathanger over the door in my craftroom, but usually it is hanging on the little mobile drawer unit at the right of where I sit. All ribbons on here are sorted into colour groups, all are 1 metre in length and have a ‘same ribbons’ pinned together and attached to the coathanger with the safety pin. (no I do not worry about that little pin prick)

Most of the time this hangs on the side of a mobile drawer unit that is right next to my chair at my craft desk for ease of reach to adhesives, tools, embellishments, paper and cardstock scraps.

Pieces of ribbon smaller than 1 metre are in ziplock bags in colour groups, hanging on the side of a storage unit (A5 cardstock and colouring mediums) just off behind where I sit at my table in easy reach.




Really I only have these bags containing greens, browns, blues, cream, purple, orange/yellow, pinks/reds, black/white, as these colours work for me.

When I want ribbon, I look in these bags first, then the coathanger, then the drawer.

My craftoom is not necessarily pretty, or matching, but the thing it is for me is very functional, and so much is within reach when I am crafting.

So if you are looking for ideas to store your ribbon.  You might like to try this one, or you might be able to take some of it and adapt it to your needs.

Thanks for calling in, hope your day is going great!!!

Hugs 🙂

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