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Hello Everybody,

Hope  all is well and you can feel Winter coming to an end soon with Springlike weather becoming the norm.  I can be wishing.

So I made a card for you.  Well two actually, just for you to enjoy with lushous goodies on them from A2Z Scaplets shop.  Oh my do I love to shop!!

So while I was shopping, I had to buy this fantastic set of four dies from Memory Box called Distressed Windham Collage (style 30041) from A2Z Scraplets Shop of course!  Well you know I love Memory Box Dies and you know I love Distressed and I also love Collage, so this one was just calling my name.  Four beautiful dies in different patterns and sizes just the one I have used.  Perfect for so many projects and ideas.  On this card I have also put some foliage, lovely handmade by me flowers and some other bought flowers and some lovely A2Z Scraplets Chippie flowers Scribbly Flowers Set of 3 Shapes.

The Chipboard flowers have been done with gesso to give a good coating for the spray to cling to.  A double go of Ranger Perfect Pearl Spray and then some glitter sprinkled.  Then heated and embossed.  The embossing was a bit patchy as I think I need more heat, so practice will be needed for this technique form me.  But I am sure you will do better with it. Embossing has never been my best trick!!

The Flowers are finished with some Ice Stickles from Ranger.  I have fallen in love again with this glitter glue, hmmm….

Hope you like it 🙂

And this second card is in my favourite pink and green.  Another new die from Memory Box called Modern Border Trim (style 30048), love these arrows and the cutout bits I have used to add to the area around the chipboard.  The ruffled ribbon and the added (dimensionally) the butterfly swirls from, they are really Butterfly and Flourish Medium from  A2Z Scraplets.

The Butterfly Swirl is done with Gesso, a coat of paint, pink on the butterflies and green on the rest.

Then sprinkled with glitter while still wet, and when dry I have used Ranger Inkessentials Medium Crackle Accents.  Love the way this dries more crackly the longer it dries.

Hope you like it 🙂

Hugs 🙂

Lauren xx

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Hello Everyone,


Autumn is really starting to show itself with cooler nights and early morning, yes I know we don’t really know what cold is here so close to the coast, but it is cooler to me and I love this time of the year, it is my optimum operating temperature and I am happy to have it.


So I made a card.  Yes yes a Christmas Card even.



Sadly everything about this card is crooked, but them is the breaks sometimes.  I used a Clearsnap product of adhesive strips for the trees and added glitter to them…  simple you would say, but I was not over impressed as the ‘sticker’ (glue) did not transfer easily and did not adhere to the cardstock, hence the movement.  Maybe I just need practice.


Well I have more of them so practice I will get at some stage.


Hope you get messy fingers playing crafty things today.


Hugs 🙂



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This must be for next week’s MIU Challenge on Splitcoasters, they keep saying they need a glitter challenge.  How funny that I was playing with glitter. I think those girls keep getting in my head and stealing my ideas!!! They sure can read my thoughts lately.  Hope they weren’t reading when I dropped that carton of milk this morning!!! They would have gotten an earful!!

So I have been playing with a little glitter, and I made a card, did you know I would make a card.  I plan on making at least 365 cards this year, one for everyday and a heap for Christmas.

This is a 4×4″ gift card.  White base card, a square of JAC paper (double sided adhesive sheet), I love love love love this stuff!!!  The square is 3×3″ and centred on the card.  Then I have stuck 1″ squares of mirror board (foilboard, metallic sheet), 2 gold, 2 silver in the middle of the adhesive sheet.  Then topped this with a JAC paper star shape.

Then comes the fun part!!! Sprinkle glitter (I used the white or polysparkle one) all ove the adhesive sheet on my card and used a plain piece of paper to press it into the adhesive to get a great bond.  Then brushed away the extra glitter and put it back in the bottle for use next time.

So I loved this one so much I made another one, a birthday card this time.

OK I have made a couple of panels of mosaic paper with glitter as my grout.  How fun is this???  All glittery and pretty and goes so well with those stars in the patterned paper I cut up to make it.  And it is in pink of course!!! Pink is the new black they tell me.  Oh my!!

OK now how did she make th0se squares, I hear you ask!!!…. Well you will need a piece of JAC paper (double sided adhesive sheet) about 4×4″ and one about 6×4″, some scrap disigner paper (you could use 2 types if you are adventurous) and some complimentary glitter.

Now cut your paper into strips unevenly, so that one end is thicker than the other.  Peel the backing off one side of the  smaller piece of JAC paper and lay the strips on this with a small gap between each piece.  When you have finished, sprinkle a complimentary glitter colour over and press down with a sheet of copy paper for maximum bond.  Clean off excess.

Now cut your artwork up, uneven strips again, cut across the glitter and paper, the opposite way that it was cut the first time.  Clear like mud???

Now repeat the process of sticking these pieces onto JAC paper again, then putting more glitter on.  This is fun. 😉

Now trim your finished piece of artwork into 2 panels for your card.

This is just a closer view of the glitter mosaic panel.  Along the bottom of the card I have cut  a border with a small square punch (yes I marked it so they would be even depth and even width) and inside the card I have run a strip of double sided adhesive tape along and sprinkled glitter on that too!!

I love adhesive sheets and tape, it is so versatile, you can glitter it, you can emboss on it, and it sticks everything and never lets go!!! Gotta love that!!

Well I hope you liked this little glitterartzy escapade!!

Have fun in your day, thanks for calling in and come back again soon!!


Lauren 🙂

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