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Hello Everyone,


Just a quick post tonight with a little comparison for super sticky double sided adhesive tapes.  You all know that I love to ruffle my ribbon and to do this the tape really needs to grab hold of the ribbon and not let go.  Or else we end up with loose ribbon everywhere.


So I always have used Ranger Wonder Tape, which is fantastic for this, it lasts forever (well I have had cards on my inspiration wall for over 3 years and the tape is still grabbing that ribbon).


Well I came across some High Tack  Xpress-It double sided adhesive tape and was told it was great for ribbon and metal embellishments.  So I bought some, it is around 1/4 the price of the Ranger per metre,  and as it is only a little more expensive than the everyday tape, I thought I would have nothing to lose, so I got some




So here are the contestants ready to go, I have put the tape tapes onto the pieces of paper ready.




Oh Oh Oh they look so pretty, this is just completed and I have set them aside to see what happens.  If this works I have 2 bases ready for quick cardmaking!!!



UH-OH the Express-It is starting to let go in only a bit over an hour, Teddy has had a fall, he is so disappointed!!




Next morning the Express-It has almost completely come off.  😦   Oh well Teddy has fainted dead away.


But you know, it doesn’t matter to me, I will stick with my Ranger Wonder Tape because it really is wonderful.


The Express-It can be used for boxes and general use, no loss there and now I know and I will not have to think about this again.  🙂


Hope this helps you in choosing your tape to ruffle your ribbon with!!


Hugs 🙂



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